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You've heard people say, if you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you must be terrible at handling money.

Ignore those people—I know it's not your fault. They don't have the right to pass judgment on you, because they don't have the struggles you have.

For example, do they know how frustrating it is to have a garnishment that leaves you broke every paycheck?

Or, that your mortgage company said they would be able to do a loan modification, but after waiting for months, they come back with a lame excuse why it fell through?

In addition, do they think, you meant to come down with a serious illness that left you with $50,000 in hospital bills?

And my all-time favorite; how do they get away with charging a ridiculous rate of 29% on your credit cards and expect you to have any money left over to pay other bills.

Listen, I'm on your side, it's not fair. However, it doesn't need to be like that. Let me share, how you can get things turned around.

The key is, taking back control. That's right, giving you the upper hand over them.

Wouldn't that be nice for a change?

If you ask for my help, in our initial consultation, we will give you all the time and advice you need, at no charge whatsoever, so we can put the power back in your hands.

After hours calls are forwarded to attorney cell phones so we can make ourselves more accessible. We understand that you are wanting help now, not only Monday through Friday from 8 to 5.

Plus, I'll guarantee this: it's not if I can help you, but how fast you want the help.


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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is a like a consolidation loan where you make one payment per month

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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How Much Does It Cost

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Thinking about filing bankruptcy, and want immediate help? Help Is Only Seconds Away...

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Clients have told me they liken my "personal approach" to doctors from years ago who made house calls to see their patients.

I guarantee you will receive the same gratifying experience.

Chris Gamm

Call By Noon And I Can Have Creditors Off Your Back By 5pm!

That's the slogan that I'm known for because I treat clients, like you, a little differently. Let me explain:
Typically, people are annoyed by 3 things when doing business with a bankruptcy lawyer.

First, you don't receive as much individual attention as you thought you'd get. Second, they lack the immediate help you're looking for. And third, you have to meet them around their schedule instead of them working around yours.

Well, you won't have those issues with me because…
When you call, I personally answer the phone. There's no chance you'll reach a rude receptionist or be forwarded to an answering service.

Second, I understand you want help right now, so, I'll do my best to deliver.

And third, I'll do everything in my power to work around your schedule. That means I'm committed to taking your call or meeting you 24/7.
Let me keep it simple: I have listened to people like you and this is what they wish a bankruptcy lawyer would do for them. After all, this is how I would like to be treated:

  • You're welcome to have my cell phone number and email address. (By doing this, you'll have direct access to me for the quickest service.)
  • When you call, a receptionist won't answer... it will always be me. (I truly give personalized no extra charge. It's not just lip service.)
  • One thing for sure, you'll never be forwarded to an answering service. (I don't trust an answering service to relay your message in a quick manner. So, I'm not going to take the chance it may happen to you.)
  • You can call me at all hours whether it's noon or midnight Wed or Sunday. (Most of the time, people want to talk to a qualified attorney right away to discuss their problem. I want to make sure you do.)
  • I am willing to meet with you any day or night 24/7. (You probably have a job and even taking just a couple hours out of your day, could be money you can't afford to lose. I respect that.)

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