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Filing Bankruptcy. How do I get started?

My steps are very straight forward.

Begin by calling me at 402-659-4254. The first step is a FREE initial phone consultation where I'll begin by asking you some questions, you'll ask me some questions and then I'll give you some advice.

There's no time limitation on your FREE call, so feel welcome to ask me everything that's on your mind.

Second, if it's determined on the initial phone call you should come in for a FREE consultation, I'll ask you to bring along some items so we can review them and get a better understanding of your situation.

Here's a broad list of items you might need:

  • • Identification: A valid driver's license, passport or a state identification card.
  • • Original Social Security card.
  • • Pay stubs for the last 6 months for you (also your spouse if you're married) or some form that indicates income such as a W-2 or 1099 forms.
  • • A complete listing of typical monthly expenses. In addition, amounts you spend up and above your typical expenses, such as medicine, charitable contributions, car maintenance, etc.
  • • An inventory of all your possessions with a valuation for each item based on what a yard sale would bring in. Do not use insurance replacement cost or what it cost new.
  • • Property documents: Any property you own in terms of land, houses, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, rental houses etc.
  • • Statements: Any savings accounts, checking accounts, mutual funds, 401K, IRA's or other retirement accounts, etc. for the last 2 months
  • • Income Tax Returns for the last 2 years. (Notice: If you haven't filed your tax returns for the last two years, we cannot file for bankruptcy until they have been filed.)
  • • Any Garnishment paperwork.
  • • Any Repossession paperwork.
  • • Any Judgment paperwork for any judgment against you.
  • • Any lawsuit paperwork filed against you or you have filed against someone else.
  • • A listing of all missed or late payments on items you would like to keep, such as your house or car.
  • • And finally, your list of creditors. Your list should include names, addresses, account numbers and amounts owed to each creditor. For example , list all your credit card statements, medical bills, personal loans, furniture loans, lawsuits, student loans, etc.

Once we get together and l look over your information, I'll be able to analyze your situation and then give you my recommendation and advise you of your options.

One last word. Whether you come to my office or if I come to your home, please understand we are only getting together to discuss your options, it does not mean you are going to actually file for bankruptcy.

I look forward to serving you.


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