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Stop Your Garnishment...TODAY!

Did you receive a new garnishment notice from the court?

Is your current garnishment leaving you broke?

Did your employer tell you they received an order from the court to withhold as much as 25% of your paycheck on behalf of a creditor.

Let's face it, it's probably hard for you to get by now, let alone have to pay someone up to 25% of each and every paycheck.

That's especially true if you have a large medical bill or various credit cards over their limits.

Call Me By Noon And I Can Put A Stop
To Your Garnishment by Five.

When you call, I'll immediately take action so we can put a stop to your garnishment. Additionally, if this is your second garnishment order with your employer, your problems could get worse.

Yes, You Can Get Fired

If you have more than one company trying to collect from you, please take notice: Did you know if you already have one garnishment being taken out of your check and your employer receives a second garnishment notice...they can legally fire you? (One of the garnishing parties cannot be child support for the firing to be legal.)

If you have two or more companies trying to collect from you and you don't want to take the chance of losing your job, call me immediately.

We Are Here to Answer Your Questions
So You Don't Have To Wade Through Pages Of
Generic Information About Garnishments.

While we could write about your options, we are more than happy and committed to discuss your individual garnishment for FREE— with no obligation.

Simply, pick up the phone and let's talk.

On the initial call, you can have as much of our time and advice as you need at no charge whatsoever.

Please call me anytime 24/7, not just from 9-5 Monday-Friday. So, whether it's 7pm on a Wednesday night or 11am on a Sunday morning, I'm here to serve you right now.


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