Should I File Bankruptcy?

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Should I File Bankruptcy?

Bills…bills…bills! It seems they arrive at the worst time every month!

However, when the stress of your money problems becomes impossible to bear, there is a way to turn things in your favor.

It comes in the form of a Federal Bankruptcy Law that provides help and protection for decent people, just like you, who simply want to have the chance of finding a solution for your problem and get a fresh start.

When you take advantage of this Federal Law, you're not alone, as more than a million and a half people seek bankruptcy protection from their creditors each and every year.

What causes these problems?

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. You might have lost your job, a dreadful medical emergency or an IRS problem.

All of these "Titanic" financial disasters are difficult "Icebergs"
to maneuver around. That's when the Federal Bankruptcy Law
can become a critical “life-saver.”

For example, you might have been 3 months behind on your mortgage and signed up for a "loan modification" with your bank, only to be denied or have the process dragged out so long your mortgage company is initiating foreclosure proceedings on your home.

Then again, you might have received a “garnishment” (money taken out of your paycheck to satisfy a debt) notice for non-payment of credit cards or "repossession" notice that you're several months behind on your car payment.

Really! How can you make your house, car, or credit card payments if you don't have a way to get to work?

Any way you look at it…there just isn’t enough money to go around! So what are your options?

Start by picking up the phone and call me (Chris) right now at 402.659.4254. We'll discuss your individual situation and I'll pass along sound legal advice you need over the phone for FREE.

Then, if you believe you should move forward, there is only a low $50 retainer for us to get started.

Please notice, you don't need to call our office between 8am and 5pm to make an appointment or see us; our offices are here for you 24/7, because we know the anxiety you're feeling...right now.

"Whether it's noon or midnight, Wednesday or Sunday,
I'm here to help immediately: 402.659.4254."


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Need to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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