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Hassle Free Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Classes
And Certification

Completing your courses are easier and more convenient than ever.

Here's some great news. You don't need to drive 45 minutes each way to attend classes for the next 12 weeks. Besides that, the classes don't involve a PhD teaching financial strategies and lecturing you how to spend money.

Instead, it's merely a 2-part course that can be easily taken on-line.

In the time it takes to watch a couple of your favorite TV shows, you can be finished. You can also work on it 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, 24/7, until it's complete. It's your choice.

Here's all you need to do.
    Step one. Before you file. When you’ve made the decision to file for bankruptcy with me, the first step is to take a "pre-filing" (also known as "pre-bankruptcy") Bankruptcy Credit Counseling class (It takes about 30-60 minutes.) with an approved provider (suggestions for providers are listed below).

Once you complete the pre-filing course, you will be issued a "certificate of completion." The certificate will be immediately sent to you, my office, or both. It will then be included as part of the initial paperwork filed with the court.

    Step two. After you file. This post-filing class is part two of your bankruptcy classes. The completion of this “post-filing” or “post-bankruptcy” course, is required by law in order to have your debts legally discharged (released) by the bankruptcy court. Again, it will only take about an hour.

The court nor our office look at any of your class-work.
Furthermore, we do not use it... to judge you.
The class is intended to benefit you.

The classes are designed to help you with some financial guidance. It's there for your benefit and no one else's.

*Court approved credit counseling agencies:

Credit Counseling Course –

National Literacy Foundation –

Abacus Credit Counseling –
(I have an account with this company, so if you choose them enter Attorney Code: ACC63614)

InCharge Education Foundation –

Credit Advisors of Omaha, NE –

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Nebraska –

*This is not an exhaustive list, you are free to choose any court approved credit counseling course.


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